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When it comes to buying a new or used stucco or stone home, it is a good idea to have the stucco inspected by a certified inspection company to determine if there are problems or even potential problems in the design or installation.

This is where StuccoSpec comes into play, providing experienced inspectors who know the stucco construction industry and can identify and report on specific items that need to be reported.

Many stucco homes have been completed using sub-standard processes resulting in moisture buildup in exterior walls.  Left unchecked, this moisture can lead to penetration into the home as well as mold in the walls.

Customer Feedback

Thanks so much for sending me the report, even late into the night on a Saturday. Working with you guys has been so easy and enjoyable, I sure wish there were more folks like you all. I also really appreciated how easy it was to get along with your staff.
Thanks so much for rushing to get this out to me!

Much appreciated,

I was the seller and had no idea what to expect from a stucco inspection. Their staff was happy to walk me through the process so I knew what to expect. The inspector was professional, friendly and helpful.

He instructed me on the best way to protect, maintain and keep the stucco in good condition for the long term. He did find an area of moisture but we were able to determine the cause and correct two (2) misdirected sprinkler heads.

I recommend a stucco inspection on any stucco home, buyer or seller, to eliminate a potential problem in the future.



I found Stucco Spec through word of mouth by reputable general inspectors.  Kevin is very well respected and knowledgeable in his field and if you are buying a stucco home, you will want him to inspect it for you.  

I used Kevin to inspect two homes I was looking to purchase and each time the service was thorough, professional, and on time.  Setting up the appointment (through his wife) was a snap. Some general inspectors also do stucco inspections, but if you want a specialist who does this all day, Kevin is the guy to call.  He pays great attention to detail as any reputable inspector would, but he is also able to explain the technical problems in layman’s terms. I was very happy with his services the first time so I hired him again for a second home I was looking at. He offered a discount for using him a second time.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stucco Spec, with all the bad stucco installations out there it pays to have  an inspection done before making  the big purchase……Jimmy


Kevin Harbison inspected the stucco on a property that my son had hoped to purchase.  He explained each step of his inspection process and showed us evidence of the stucco condition, which unfortunately, was not good.  Kevin was quite considerate in his presentation of the bad news and explained the magnitude of potential repair costs and the risks of pursuing the property purchase without immediate repairs.  (Kevin does not do the repairs, so there was no question of him exaggerating the repair costs.) 

What might seem like an expensive inspection turned out to be worth every penny because it helped us avoid a money pit.  Thanks…Patricia